Shahid Afridi Criticizes PCB’s Decision and Babar Azam’s Captaincy at World Championship of Legends

Participating in the World Championship of Legends tournament, Shahid Afridi, a legendary member of the Pakistani team, shared his candid thoughts with the media after a match against South Africa. Afridi’s remarks touched on several contentious issues, including Babar Azam’s prolonged captaincy, the recent removal of Abdul Razzaq and Wahab Riaz from the selection committee, and the overall selection process within the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Afridi did not hold back when discussing Babar Azam’s tenure as captain. “No captain in the history of Pakistan got as many opportunities as Babar Azam,” Afridi stated. “Our tradition has been that after a poor performance in a mega event, the skipper is the first to go home. But Babar has been given a remarkably long leash.” Afridi, who has himself led the Pakistani team alongside other stalwarts like Misbah-ul-Haq and Younis Khan, emphasized that none of them received such extended chances. “Even after so much time, Babar Azam has yet to prove himself,” he added, suggesting that the PCB’s patience with Babar might be misplaced.

Addressing the recent removal of Abdul Razzaq and Wahab Riaz from the selection committee, Afridi expressed confusion. “This move has been described as a ‘surgery,’ but honestly, this surgery is beyond my understanding,” he remarked. Afridi’s comments reflect a broader sentiment of bewilderment and dissatisfaction within the cricketing community regarding the PCB’s decision-making process.

The PCB issued a statement confirming the removal of Wahab Riaz and Abdul Razzaq from the selection committee, declaring that their services are no longer needed for the national team. Both former cricketers were key members of the men’s selection committee during the T20 World Cup tours of New Zealand and England. However, the PCB has yet to clarify the future of the remaining three members of the selection committee—Muhammad Yusuf, Asad Shafiq, and Bilal Afzal. This lack of clarity has raised numerous questions and concerns among fans and analysts alike.

The timing of the PCB’s decision is also notable, as it comes while both Razzaq and Riaz are actively participating in the Legends League tournament. Despite the internal turmoil, the Pakistani team has performed exceptionally well in the tournament, winning four out of their five matches and securing the top position. This success highlights the players’ ability to stay focused and perform despite the ongoing controversies off the field.

Afridi’s critical comments and the PCB’s recent actions have sparked a lively debate within the cricketing community. Many are questioning the rationale behind the decisions and the potential impact on the team’s future. Afridi’s insights, given his extensive experience and understanding of the game, add weight to the ongoing discussions.

Shahid Afridi’s recent media interaction at the World Championship of Legends tournament has brought several issues to the forefront. His criticism of Babar Azam’s extended captaincy, confusion over the removal of Abdul Razzaq and Wahab Riaz from the selection committee, and the PCB’s overall decision-making process have ignited a broader conversation about the future of Pakistani cricket. As the team continues to perform well in the Legends League, the cricketing world will be watching closely to see how these off-field issues are resolved and what impact they will have on the team’s performance in future competitions.