Pakistan Tennis Captain Mohammad Abid Expresses Determination for Davis Cup Amidst Tough Competition

Pakistan’s national tennis team captain, Mohammad Abid, has voiced his determination to secure victory in the upcoming Davis Cup, expressing confidence that the players will exhibit stellar performances during the tournament.

Speaking ahead of the Davis Cup World Group Play-off match against India, scheduled to take place at the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad, key players including Aisam ul-Haq Qureshi, Aqeel Khan, and others participated in a press conference. Captain Abid stated that the team is well-prepared, ready to compete fiercely, and optimistic about clinching the victory. While acknowledging that Pakistan’s tennis team currently lags behind the Indian team in rankings, he emphasized the team’s commitment to secure a win with the support of the nation’s prayers.

Aisam ul-Haq Qureshi highlighted the team’s positive preparation for the upcoming match, expressing determination to perform well. He underlined the advantage of playing on grass courts and suggested that if necessary, they are prepared to compete in singles matches.

Aqeel Khan, emphasizing the completeness of the team’s preparation, indicated that rankings fluctuate, and the team is ready to showcase their tennis prowess against India. He reiterated their commitment to play good tennis.

Aisam ul-Haq Qureshi further remarked on the significance of the Davis Cup Tie, mentioning that such an extensive press conference regarding the Davis Cup in Pakistan is a rarity. Aqeel Khan added that efforts are underway to establish tennis academies across Pakistan, emphasizing the need for a nationwide tennis program.

It is noteworthy that Pakistan and India are set to clash in the Davis Cup Tie on February 3rd and 4th at the grass courts of the Pakistan Sports Complex in Islamabad. The Pakistani team includes Aisam ul-Haq Qureshi, Aqeel Khan, Muzammil Murtaza, Mohammad Shoaib, and Barkatullah, with Mohammad Abid as the playing captain. The Davis Cup Tie is anticipated to be a fiercely contested competition between the arch-rivals in tennis.