Singer Shahzad Roy’s song ‘Apna Aloo’ became popular

In an era where social media and digital platforms have amplified the reach of music, Shazad Raheem’s success story stands as an inspiration for aspiring musicians globally. His journey showcases how a captivating melody, meaningful lyrics, and a passionate performance can lead to recognition and adoration across borders.

The President realized that something had gone wrong, Saeed Ghani

This situation brings to light the ongoing tensions within the Pakistani political landscape. Ghani’s comment, while cryptic in nature, appears to suggest that the President’s recovery has led him to question the narrative that had been established. This narrative seems to align with the PTI’s approach to disseminating its policies, a stance that has drawn considerable criticism from the opposition.

Denial creates confusion, legal experts, will go to court, PTI

In Islamabad and Karachi, according to news agencies and TV reports, legal experts have expressed concerns about the President’s recent statements regarding a bill. They believe that his comments have created confusion due to doubts about the authenticity of his signature on the bill. Barrister Ali Zafar stated that the Attorney General’s explanation was incorrect, as the bill hasn’t become a law yet.

No statement option for president, resign, PDM

Sherry Rehman of the PPP remarked that the president has no option but to resign from his position if he disagrees with his responsibilities. She questioned whether someone else is signing beneath his nose. PML-N leader Irfan Siddiqui questioned why the president remained silent for two days on the issue. He was critical of the president’s inability to effectively handle office duties.

Uncompromising Commitment to Rule of Law and Promises – Caretaker Prime Minister’s Pledge

They will strive to establish the foundation for Pakistan’s progress through foreign investment facilities council’s platform within the prescribed period. They will fulfill the promises made by previous governments at the national and international levels. Kashmir is an enduring conflict that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. In our efforts to achieve the right to