Hepatitis Cases Surge to Over 3.9 Million in Punjab


Punjab is facing a distressing surge in hepatitis cases, with an astounding 3.9 million patients affected. This alarming situation underscores a rapidly escalating health emergency demanding immediate attention.

Reports indicate that out of the 217 clinics across Punjab, only 23 have essential Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test facilities crucial for accurate hepatitis diagnosis. Shockingly, less than 11 percent of these healthcare facilities possess this vital diagnostic capability.

The gravity of the situation is evident, with statistics revealing over 981,000 PCR tests for hepatitis conducted thus far. However, the predominant challenge for hospitals and clinics is syringe reuse, contributing to an alarming 62% of disease transmission.

Hepatitis C is a significant concern, with a reported 76,000 cases in Punjab alone. Given its chronic nature, prompt medical intervention is imperative, as untreated cases can lead to severe liver damage.

Further exacerbating the problem is recent screening data, which reveals a troubling count of 138,000 Hepatitis B cases. This figure sharply diverges from the previous tally of 400,000 cases encompassing both hepatitis B and C.

In the face of this health crisis, Punjab must urgently implement swift and efficacious measures to contain the disease’s propagation and safeguard the health of its residents.