Uncompromising Commitment to Rule of Law and Promises – Caretaker Prime Minister’s Pledge

Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar of P.P.P. (Pakistan People’s Party), addressing the events of May 9th, expressed his displeasure, stating that attacks on our military installations are tantamount to attacking our entire system. We not only condemn this but also pledge to bring the culprits to justice. Those who have violated the law will not receive any leniency. There will be no compromise on the rule of law, and no concessions will be made in the governance of law.

They will strive to establish the foundation for Pakistan’s progress through foreign investment facilities council’s platform within the prescribed period. They will fulfill the promises made by previous governments at the national and international levels. Kashmir is an enduring conflict that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. In our efforts to achieve the right to self-determination for the people of Kashmir, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

We are not with those who harm minorities. There is no room for religious extremism in society, and its morale will be shattered. The majority must consider the concerns of the minority. I take pride in a capable team. Pakistan faces significant economic challenges, but with the support of a competent and visionary team, we will establish a sound financial system and serve the nation wholeheartedly.

During a cabinet meeting on Friday, Anwar ul Haq Kakar said that ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) has no ill intentions; rather, it’s an old national dream being put into action now. The time has come for all institutions, including the Pakistan Army, to collectively make this old national dream a reality with cooperation, ease, determination, and awareness. It’s not the aspiration of a single institution but the collective ownership of 250 million people.

In this divided environment, efforts will be made to differentiate between politics and law. We will ensure that there is no compromise on the rule of law. If there is any attempt to spread disorder, no government system can function. We are aware of its significance; there can be no compromise on it.