The Pakistan Army Successfully Rescues Stranded Foreign Climbers After Days of Ordeal

Pakistan Army Rescue

The Pakistan Army executed a triumphant rescue operation, saving the lives of six foreign climbers who had been stranded for an extended period on the formidable Concordia peak.

The decision to launch the rescue mission came after receiving a distress call from the stranded climbers, comprising four British nationals, one Polish climber, and their local guide

Five days ago, a team of climbers encountered significant difficulties in Concordia, as unexpected obstacles and sudden, worsening weather conditions hindered their climb.

Adding to their plight, all expedition members faced severe breathing issues during their ascent to the peak.

In another development, Pakistani authorities initiated an investigation into the tragic incident involving a local porter who tragically fell from a narrow trail while attempting to scale K2 last month

The regrettable event captured widespread attention on social media, stirring public outrage and calls for a thorough investigation.

The inquiry stems from video footage that depicted a Norwegian climber passing by Mohammad Hassan, who was suspended upside down from a rope and tragically lost his life.

Iqbal Hussain, the leader of the fact-finding committee, affirmed that the investigation will delve into “ethical norms within mountaineering,” with a report expected within 15 days.