Arab League and OIC Joint Statement Calls for End to Gaza Siege and Humanitarian Aid

In a significant development, the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) and the Arab League jointly issued a statement in the Saudi Arabian capital, Riyadh, addressing the ongoing crisis in Gaza. The statement, released after their simultaneous meeting, called for an end to the siege on Gaza and the provision of humanitarian assistance while also demanding a halt to arms shipments to Israel.

The joint statement strongly condemns the aggression of the Israeli occupying government in Gaza, denouncing its military crimes and inhumane mass killings. It unequivocally rejects the justification of Israel’s right to self-defense as a pretext for war in Gaza.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has made a plea for the lifting of the Gaza blockade and the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid. He expressed Saudi Arabia’s rejection of the war on Gaza, holding the occupying force responsible for the crimes against the Palestinian people. The Crown Prince has called for the immediate cessation of the mass killings of Palestinians.

Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, in a passionate statement, urged for the immediate halt to the mass killing of Palestinians in Gaza and the prompt delivery of humanitarian aid. He emphasized the historical support of Pakistan for the establishment of the state of Palestine within the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan strongly criticized the international community for its silence in the face of Israeli bombings in Gaza. He praised the joint initiative by the Arab and Islamic communities in addressing the dire situation in Gaza, expressing his condolences for the children who have lost their lives in the conflict.

Erdoğan’s remarks highlight the gravity of the situation, with a particular focus on the global silence surrounding the Israeli bombings in Gaza. He commended the efforts of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in uniting the Arab and Islamic nations against the tragedy unfolding in Gaza.

The joint statement underscores the brutal nature of the Israeli military’s actions against the people of Gaza. It notes the severe toll on hospitals, schools, and even United Nations offices in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes. The statement emphasizes that the responsibility for the mass killings in Gaza lies with the Security Council.

Anwar al-Haq Kakar, Pakistan’s Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, called for an immediate halt to the unjust treatment of Palestinian citizens and stressed that the mass killings would only lead to further conflicts. He highlighted Pakistan’s unwavering support for the establishment of the state of Palestine, with its capital in East Jerusalem.

The international community has shown significant concern over the situation in Gaza. Turkish President Erdoğan, in particular, criticized the global silence in response to the Israeli bombings in Gaza and commended the joint initiative of the Arab and Islamic nations in addressing the crisis.

The joint statement reflects a collective condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza and the urgent need to end the blockade and provide essential humanitarian aid to the suffering Palestinian population. The call for a halt to arms shipments to Israel is a significant step toward addressing the root causes of the conflict and promoting peace in the region.

The Arab League and OIC’s joint statement carries a powerful message, addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and demanding an end to the siege and mass killings. The international community should heed this call and take immediate action to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people and work towards a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The collective voice of Arab and Islamic nations, along with support from others in the international community, can make a significant difference in bringing about a just and peaceful resolution to this long-standing conflict.