Policeman arrested for kidnapping and extortion in Karachi, accomplice sought.

In a significant development, a policeman known to be involved in multiple cases of kidnapping and extortion has been apprehended in Karachi.

According to local authorities, the accused policeman, identified as Babar, along with his accomplice, who is also believed to be a fellow police officer, had committed a robbery targeting a rickshaw driver approximately a month ago. Both individuals were stationed at the Tipu Sultan police station and were reportedly involved in criminal activities within the Sadar area.

The incident in question involved the abduction of a rickshaw driver from the vicinity of the FTC (Frere Town Club) area. The victim was forcibly taken to an undisclosed location, where he was released after paying an extortion sum of Rs30,000.

These individuals have been implicated in numerous cases of abduction and extortion, raising concerns about their activities.

Efforts are currently underway to apprehend the accomplice, identified as Usman.

A case has been registered against the accused, and a comprehensive investigation is in progress.

In a separate incident, three suspected robbers were taken into custody following an alleged confrontation with the police near the Hassan Square Bridge. Law enforcement received information indicating that three robbers were concealing themselves in the area and planning to commit robberies against citizens.

Upon responding to the alert, the police arrived at the scene. Upon spotting the police presence, the suspects opened fire, prompting a swift and effective response from the law enforcement team. As a result of the exchange of fire, all three criminals sustained injuries and were subsequently arrested. Additionally, weapons and stolen property were confiscated from the apprehended individuals.