Chairman PTI’s bail in 6 cases, ordered to investigate Bushra Bibi

ISLAMABAD (Representative Jang) Additional District and Sessions Judge Muhammad Sohail has extended the interim bail of former first lady Bushra Bibi in the case filed in Kohsar police station, giving her last chance to be investigated, while after the events of May 9, she was granted bail. In six cases, PTI chairman’s bail application was dismissed before arrest. During the hearing, Salman Safad, the lawyer of PTI chairman and Bushra Bibi appeared, the prosecutor said that PTI chairman is guilty and is in jail. InvestigativeHe asked the officers whether the investigation involving the Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf has been conducted. The investigation officers said that investigations involving some of the cases have not been conducted. Salman Safdar said that he is accused of the same type in all the six cases. contacted for an investigation but did not give any response, the chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf is currently in jail, there is no criminal record against him for 71 years, political revenge is being taken, the police was deliberately not conducting an investigation involving them, during Bushra Bibi also reached the courtroom for the hearing. Salman Safdar said that Chairman PTI was arrested after the decision of the Tosha Khana case.The judge said, do you want Judge Tahir Abbas to hear the bails? Salman Safdar said that 6 cases against Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf are in his court, bails were confirmed in more than 20 cases, more than 150 cases. All should be taken into consideration, Judge Tahir Abbas Supra knows who is at fault for not having an investigation. The judge said whether the investigation involving Bushra Bibi has been doneThey are being given the last chance and the investigating officer is instructed to investigate including Bushra Bibi. Salman Safdar said that Bushra Bibi is ready to be investigated in the courtroom itself. The judge said where is the investigating officer, the prosecutor said the chairman PTI’s petitions have been rejected in the Anti-Terrorism Court, the accountability court has also rejected the bail, the judge asked Naeem Panjotha’s advocate whether Bushra Bibi was sent a notice of the investigation. But the judge said that Bushra Bibi should be included in the investigation. It is not good to cancel the bails. Bushra Bibi assured that she will be included in the investigation today.