X Pro (formerly TweetDeck) becomes a subscriber-only product

Twitter X

The social network owned by Elon Musk, formerly known as Twitter, has transformed X Pro (previously TweetDeck) into an exclusive product for subscribers.

Numerous users shared their observations on the platform, reporting that when attempting to access TweetDeck, they encountered a popup encouraging them to purchase a Blue subscription.

The decision doesn’t come as a complete surprise, as the company had previously announced on July 3rd that TweetDeck would only be available to verified users within 30 days. Similar to some of Musk’s projected schedules, the social network faced a slight delay of a few days in implementing this new policy.

Numerous newsrooms, independent journalists, researchers, and social media consultants relied on TweetDeck, which Twitter acquired for $40 million in 2011, to monitor various lists and trends on Twitter/X. These users will now need to subscribe to continue utilizing the tool.

Until its acquisition by the company in 2011, TweetDeck stood as one of the most widely favored third-party applications for accessing Twitter. Its proficiency in managing numerous accounts and customized feeds rendered it a robust asset for journalists, marketers, and professionals who frequently incorporated Twitter into their daily tasks.