When is the election? Unable to specify the commission,

Isalamabad (Rep. Jang) – The Supreme Court has taken up a petition contesting the delimitation of three constituencies within the Sindh Assembly. The court has made the decision to refer the matter back to the Election Commission, emphasizing the need for resolution before the upcoming general elections. Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial, presiding over a two-member bench, underscored the importance of transparently addressing the issues surrounding constituency delimitation.

During the hearing focused on the PS-7, PS-8, and PS-9 constituencies of the Sindh Assembly, Chief Justice Omar Atta Bandial inquired about the timeline for the general elections from the Election Commission’s Director-General of Law. The director’s gesture indicated uncertainty about the election date, leading the Chief Justice to humorously remark that this implied no definite election date had been set yet. He further highlighted that constituency delineation was a matter of considerable public significance, emphasizing the need for meticulousness.

Chief Justice Bandial asserted that even minor adjustments in the boundary lines could significantly impact candidates’ voting outcomes. Expressing concern that previous constituency delineations remained uncorrected, he iterated the court’s expectation that the Election Commission would carry out this task with complete transparency.

The matter of the contested constituencies in Shikarpur, Sindh, had reached the Supreme Court after their validity was challenged. Given the significance of this issue, the court has intervened on multiple occasions. Now, the court has entrusted the Election Commission with the responsibility of revisiting the delimitation matter, urging them to ensure fairness and transparency throughout the process.

The Supreme Court’s recent session regarding the contested Sindh Assembly constituencies has resulted in the decision to return the matter to the Election Commission for further deliberation. This move is aimed at achieving clarity and fairness in constituency boundaries before the upcoming general elections.