Kangana Ranaut’s Film ‘Tejas’ Faces Box Office Setback Despite Hype

In 2023, Kangana Ranaut starred in the film ‘Tejas,’ where she portrayed the role of an Indian Air Force officer. Despite vigorous promotional campaigns leading up to its release, the film experienced a disappointing outcome at the box office, earning only INR 6.2 crores.

The film’s underwhelming performance left Kangana Ranaut visibly upset. However, social media users took to various platforms to share humorous takes on certain scenes from ‘Tejas.’ One particular scene went viral, where Kangana Ranaut is depicted as rescuing an Indian Air Force officer, creating a comical situation.

The viral scene, shared across social media, became a subject of playful mockery among users. On the social interaction platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), a user posted Kangana Ranaut’s film scene with a caption, humorously questioning how the movie could be a contender for the Oscars.

Shan Shahid, a prominent figure in the Pakistani film industry, also joined the banter, jokingly commenting, “Where is the tea?” This lighthearted jab adds a touch of humor to the cross-border banter, considering the tense history between India and Pakistan.

It is essential to note that this light-hearted social media banter occurred amid the serious backdrop of a real-life incident. On February 27, 2019, the Pakistan Air Force thwarted an attempted breach of Pakistani airspace by Indian aircraft. In the retaliatory action, two Indian planes were shot down, and a captured Indian pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, was taken into custody by Pakistan.

The juxtaposition of the film’s mockery with a reminder of a significant historical event highlights the interconnectedness of entertainment and real-world events. While Kangana Ranaut’s film faced setbacks at the box office, the online banter serves as a reminder that social media often finds ways to infuse humor even into serious subjects.