Proposal to Appoint Faryal Talpur as Sindh Chief Minister Emerges in Pakistan People’s Party

In the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), a suggestion has surfaced to nominate Faryal Talpur, the sister-in-law of former President Asif Zardari, for the role of Chief Minister of Sindh.

Reports indicate that apart from Faryal Talpur, former Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah and other contenders are vying for the position of Sindh Chief Ministership.

Sources within the PPP have disclosed that in the event Bilawal Bhutto and Asif Zardari decline leadership roles at the federal level, Faryal Talpur could potentially assume the role of Chief Minister.

It is noteworthy that Faryal Talpur, a key figure in the Pakistan People’s Party, has secured her seat in the Sindh Assembly for the second consecutive term.