Caretaker Govt Increases Price of Petrol by Rs. 17.50 Per Liter, Diesel by Rs. 20

The interim administration has revealed a surge in the costs of petroleum items, pushing the prices of both petrol and premium diesel to unprecedented levels.

As stated in an official notice from the Finance Division regarding the adjusted prices, the cost of gasoline has been raised by Rs. 17.50 per liter, and the price of premium diesel has been elevated by Rs. 20 per liter.

The concise announcement released by the Finance Division indicated that global petroleum prices witnessed an upswing over the past two weeks, leading to a revision in consumer prices within Pakistan.

Following this adjustment, the fresh retail price for petrol will stand at Rs. 290.45 per liter, and high-speed diesel will be priced at Rs. 293.40 per liter.

During the previous bi-weekly evaluation of petroleum rates, which marked the final assessment during the coalition government’s tenure, the price of petrol saw an increase of Rs. 19.95 per liter, and high-speed diesel (HSD) experienced a rise of Rs. 19.90 per liter.

The price surge, unveiled on August 1st, propelled the petrol cost to Rs. 272.95 per liter, while the rate of HSD surged to Rs. 273.40 per liter.