Khurshid Shah claims that we have a system to reduce inflation in the year

Khurshid Shah, a senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and former federal minister, has raised concerns about inflation in Pakistan, suggesting that systemic changes could potentially lower prices in the country. He made these remarks during a discussion on Geo News’ program “Capital Talk.”

Khurshid Shah highlighted that the government could take steps to reduce inflation and ease the financial burden on the public. He further criticized the ruling government for not adhering to the democratic norms and agreements, even after the Charter of Democracy was established.

Regarding the timing of the next general elections, Shah pointed out that elections had previously been held in December and during Ramadan. However, he suggested that late January would be a more suitable time for elections to ensure transparency and credibility.

He emphasized that setting a date for elections promptly could help alleviate doubts and suspicions among political stakeholders. Shah argued that, even after the Charter of Democracy, the government did not honor agreements, reflecting a lack of commitment to democratic values.

Khurshid Shah recalled the efforts of the PPP in defending democracy while remaining in the opposition after the 2014 elections. He stated that the party prioritized the Charter of Democracy and advocated for democratic values despite being in opposition.

Regarding alliances and cooperation, he asserted that everyone had the right to form alliances with any political party. Shah stressed the importance of leveling the playing field and ensuring a fair political environment.

Shah also drew attention to developmental schemes, highlighting that currently, such initiatives were primarily active in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He criticized the government for halting development work in Sindh after taking office, leading to unequal development across the provinces.

In explaining the demand for a level playing field, Khurshid Shah mentioned that the PPP was requesting that its seven senior members and executive members be removed from bureaucratic positions.

He reiterated that the demand for democracy was paramount. When Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was martyred, the party demanded democracy as a form of retribution. Shah maintained that their slogan remained the same: democracy was the best form of revenge. He stressed that their system could effectively reduce inflation and improve the economy.

Khurshid Shah concluded by asserting that the PPP understood how to combat inflation and provide relief to the public, suggesting that the government should consider systemic changes to achieve these goals.