Mahira Khan opens up about battle with depression and upcoming Netflix series.

Mahira Khan, an acclaimed figure in Pakistan’s entertainment industry, continues to capture the hearts of millions through her outstanding performances in both television dramas and films. She stands as one of Pakistan’s most prominent female celebrities.

Mahira Khan’s illustrious career spans various mediums, including television dramas and movies. Excitingly, she is set to make her debut in “Jo Bachay Hain Sang Samait Lo,” Pakistan’s inaugural Netflix series.

While she is widely celebrated for her roles in movies like “Raees,” Mahira Khan recently opened up about her personal battle with depression. She candidly shared her journey of resilience, highlighting the role of medication in her recovery.

Mahira Khan’s talent and charm have made her the queen of countless hearts, with fans consistently praising her exceptional performances in dramas and films.

In a recent photo session for fashion designer Ayesha Shoaib Malik, Mahira Khan’s beauty shone brightly, serving as a testament to why she enjoys such unwavering admiration from her fans.