Nationwide campaign launched against power Theft: Lists of offending areas and resistors to be prepared.

A nationwide initiative has been kick-started to combat power theft, with a concerted effort to identify regions where such illicit activities are rampant.

During an emergency meeting with distribution companies, the Power Secretary has taken the decision to compile a comprehensive list of areas plagued by power theft. Additionally, a list will be created comprising those who actively resist efforts to curb such theft.

This high-level meeting, attended by chief secretaries from across the country and police chiefs of all provinces, sought to address the critical issue of power theft. Among the participants were LESCO’s Chief Executive Officer, Shahid Haider, and Customer Services Director, Rai Muhammad Asghar.

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) spokesperson emphasized that every possible measure will be implemented to prevent electricity theft. As part of this strategy, a detailed catalog of areas experiencing power theft will be meticulously compiled.

Furthermore, a separate list will document individuals who oppose and obstruct LESCO personnel tasked with identifying and curbing power theft.

To enforce this crackdown on power theft, the assistance of law enforcement agencies, commissioners, deputy commissioners, and assistant commissioners will be sought. Those found guilty of misbehaving with LESCO staff or engaging in electricity theft will face stringent legal consequences, aiming to serve as a deterrent to such illegal activities.