New Policy to Take Effect on December 1: Gmail Account Deletion by Google Possible

Google has recently announced a new policy that will come into effect on December 1st, 2023, targeting inactive Google accounts. According to this policy, any Google account that remains dormant for a period of 2 years will be subject to deletion, including all content associated with it across various products and services, including Gmail. Once a Gmail address is deleted, it cannot be reused for creating a new account.

To ensure users are aware of the upcoming changes, Google will issue multiple email warnings to their registered email addresses and recovery emails (if provided) before any deletion action is taken. In fact, reminder emails will be sent out at least 8 months before the deadline to allow users ample time to reactivate their accounts.

However, it’s worth noting that YouTube channels, videos, and comments are exempt from this policy. Google outlines several ways for users to keep their accounts active and avoid deletion:

  1. Sending and reading emails.
  2. Watching YouTube videos.
  3. Using Google Drive.
  4. Downloading an app.
  5. Sharing content such as photos.
  6. Utilizing Google search.
  7. Signing into third-party apps using ‘Sign in with Google.’

To safeguard your Google content, it is advised to activate and use your accounts before December 1st. Stay informed and take action to retain access to your valuable data and services.”