Blocking of 58,000 Suspected National Identity Cards in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

During a Steering Committee meeting in Peshawar, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Interior has decided to block 58,000 suspected national identity cards (NICs) in the province. The decision was made in light of documents obtained, revealing the prevalence of fake identity cards.

The steering committee meeting in Peshawar addressed the issue and took the significant step of blocking the NICs as part of the ongoing efforts to curb the issuance and use of counterfeit documents. According to the available documents, the Department of Interior had issued directives to block the fake NICs, specifically targeting the rare occurrence of counterfeit cards.

This decision extends beyond fake NICs, as the committee has also focused on investigating and mapping the residency of 9,720 illegal residents in Peshawar. The mapping process for these individuals has been completed, and the relevant law enforcement agencies have been instructed to summon the district liaison committee for further action.

Nadra, the National Database and Registration Authority, played a crucial role in identifying and blocking fake NICs. Nadra received a letter from the Department of Interior, instructing the blocking of counterfeit NICs, Afghan cards, and fraudulent Pakistani identity cards. The comprehensive action against counterfeit documents is part of a larger effort to ensure the integrity of the national identity system.

In adherence to the directive, the Deputy Commissioners of all districts have been given a five-day deadline to provide detailed information on the blocked cards. This includes specific details about the blocked NICs, contributing to a comprehensive record that will aid in ongoing investigations and the enhancement of identity verification processes.

The Steering Committee’s decision underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining the accuracy and authenticity of national identity documentation. Blocking suspected counterfeit NICs is a proactive measure aimed at strengthening the security and reliability of the identity verification system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, contributing to the overall national security efforts.