Former Husband of Bushra Bibi Reveals Shocking Details About Her Marriage to Imran Khan

In a recent interview on Geo News program “Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath,” Khawar Farid Maneka, the former husband of Bushra Bibi (formerly known as Bushra Maneka), made startling revelations about her marriage to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan. Khawar Maneka disclosed that during their marriage, Imran Khan seldom visited their home without Bushra’s consent and accused him of causing the destruction of their household during the period of his marriage to Bushra.

According to Khawar Maneka, Imran Khan’s visits were infrequent and, on one occasion, when he did visit, Khawar had to ask a servant to escort him out. He alleged that Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi began their interactions during the sit-ins in Islamabad, and their marriage lasted for 28 years. However, Khawar claimed that their once happy life was shattered due to Imran Khan’s involvement with Pir Muhammad Naqeeb-ur-Rehman, commonly known as Pir Saqib Shaami.

Khawar Maneka further asserted that Bushra’s sister, Maryam Vattoo, arranged the first meeting between Imran Khan and Bushra during the dharnas. The former couple eventually separated, and Khawar claimed that the marriage between Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi led to the destruction of their once prosperous and joyous household.

Khawar Maneka shared details about Bushra Bibi’s secretive meetings with Imran Khan, claiming that he became aware of their growing intimacy during those encounters. He also revealed that Bushra Bibi would secretly visit Imran Khan’s house in Banigala, bypassing her own home in Bani Gala.

Regarding their divorce, Khawar Maneka stated that he had initiated the process, sending Bushra Bibi a divorce notice on November 14, 2017. However, after receiving a call from Imran Khan, he claimed that Bushra’s response was to change the date of the divorce. The former husband expressed his dissatisfaction with the turn of events and accused Imran Khan of pressuring him to alter the divorce date.

Khawar Maneka concluded the interview by expressing his frustration and emotional distress, highlighting the impact on his children’s lives. He emphasized the need for society to consider the well-being of the children involved in such situations and urged for a more compassionate approach.

This revelation adds a new layer to the controversy surrounding the personal life of Prime Minister Imran Khan, sparking discussions about the implications of such disclosures on political and social fronts.