President Alvi Discusses Palestine Issue in Senate Session

During a Senate session, Senator Raza Rabbani addressed the house, revealing that President Arif Alvi had engaged in discussions with Palestinian officials a few days prior. According to Rabbani, President Alvi expressed the view that a one-state solution should be sought to resolve the Palestinian issue.

Rabbani elaborated on the statement made by President Alvi during a press release from the President’s office, emphasizing the need for a one-state solution to the Palestine problem. The Senator highlighted that Pakistan has consistently advocated for a one-state policy regarding Palestine, asserting that the issue of Palestine has never been a part of Pakistan’s two-state policy.

The Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, was keen to address this stance during the session, stating that Pakistan maintains a position in favor of a two-state solution for the Palestinian issue. Qureshi clarified that the country’s policy on Palestine aligns with established international norms and resolutions.

Rabbani’s assertion, however, points to a possible divergence in perspectives within the government regarding the preferred solution for the Palestine situation. He reiterated that President Alvi’s recent statements have introduced a new dimension to Pakistan’s stance on the issue, advocating for a one-state resolution.

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Qureshi stated that, following the President’s remarks, clarification has been sought and provided. He emphasized that Pakistan’s position on the Palestinian matter adheres to a two-state policy, aligning with international consensus and resolutions.

The discussion in the Senate highlighted the importance of clarifying the country’s position on international matters, especially those as sensitive and complex as the Israel-Palestine conflict. The divergence in statements from different officials underscores the need for a cohesive and consistent foreign policy, ensuring that Pakistan’s stance on critical global issues remains clear and in line with established diplomatic norms. As the Senate continues to deliberate on such matters, the nuances of Pakistan’s foreign policy and its implications on regional dynamics will likely remain under scrutiny.