Pakistan’s taxation system embracing digital transformation.

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, Dr. Umar Saif, emphasized the importance of digitalizing the taxation system to enhance economic documentation during a press conference. He highlighted the significant role played by the IT sector in contributing to the nation’s economy.

Dr. Saif mentioned that the ongoing efforts to digitize the taxation system would lead to a more transparent and documented financial landscape, ultimately boosting the economy. This aligns with the government’s goal of transitioning towards a cashless economy.

Pakistan’s IT sector has already made substantial progress, with total earnings reaching $2.6 billion. The minister anticipates further growth in earnings through measures aimed at strengthening the IT industry’s contribution to the nation’s reserves.

As part of these initiatives, IT training will be provided to approximately 0.2 million young individuals, empowering them to become integral participants in the global economy.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to facilitate freelancers, with plans to offer services to up to five million individuals nationwide. This initiative aims to stimulate economic growth by enabling freelancers to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s economy.