Enthusiastic applause for Karachi theatre festival performances on day two.

The Pakistan Theatre Festival in Karachi is captivating audiences with its compelling plays, drawing resounding applause on its second day.

This month-long theatre festival, presented by the Arts Council of Pakistan in collaboration with Geo News, features a diverse range of theatrical performances.

The first play, “Koi Tayyari Nahin!” directed by Muneeb ur Rahman, showcased improvisational theatre. What made this performance unique was the absence of a pre-set script. The actors skillfully created scenes on topics suggested by the audience, resulting in spontaneous and hilarious moments. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the impromptu performances by students from the Theatre Academy of the Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi.

The second play, “Through The Waves,” was presented by the Uplift physical theatre group from the United States. This performance conveyed a captivating story of three women through music and acting, without the use of verbal dialogues. The play received high praise from the audience for its artistic and emotive portrayal.

Members of the American theatre group expressed their delight at performing in front of Pakistani theatre enthusiasts, underscoring the positive experience of engaging with the local theatre audience.