Cipher case, PTI rejects decision to hear in Attock Jail

The spokesperson for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced the party’s rejection of the decision to transfer the hearing of the Safar case against its Chairman to Adiala Jail. The spokesperson emphasized that the fundamental right to a fair trial is granted to every citizen under the constitution, and the basis for unfair treatment, similar to the Toshakhana case, has been laid in the Safar case as well.

Furthermore, they stated that the basic legal requirement for presenting before the court was not fulfilled, yet Chairman PTI was remanded judicially without any room for a trial in closed chambers or any provision in the law allowing such actions.

The hearing against Chairman PTI in the Safar case will be held today in Adiala Jail, according to the spokesperson. They conveyed that the notification from the Ministry of Law regarding the transfer to trial in Adiala Jail is categorically rejected, and a case against the Chairman of PTI will be pursued openly in the court of law.

The spokesperson also clarified that any decisions made in a secret trial or as a result of such a trial would not hold legal validity. They reiterated that the legal stature of any decisions made in secret or secretive proceedings, along with their outcomes, would not be recognized.

In light of these developments, the hearing for the Safar case against the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will proceed today in Adiala Jail. The Ministry of Law has issued a notification in this regard.

The PTI’s spokesperson expressed their concerns regarding the fairness and transparency of the trial process, raising objections to the decision to hold the hearing within the confines of a jail setting. This move is viewed by the party as a departure from the principles of justice and due process. The spokesperson indicated that PTI would continue to advocate for a fair and just trial process for all citizens, regardless of their political affiliations.

PTI’s rejection of the decision to transfer the Safar case hearing to Adiala Jail underscores the party’s commitment to upholding the principles of justice, transparency, and fairness in the legal proceedings of its Chairman and, by extension, all citizens of Pakistan.