Allegation of obscene acts in stage plays in Lahore, Punjab government starts crackdown

The Punjab government in Lahore has taken a strong stance against what it perceives as obscene and indecent behaviors in stage dramas. In a recent move, the government ordered a crackdown on theaters and stage dramas across Lahore, closing them down in an attempt to curb what they deem as explicit and lewd performances.

This decision comes after the Punjab government had already imposed restrictions on commercial stage dramas held at Alhamra Hall in Lahore. The provincial Information Minister, Aamir Mehmood, stated that this decision was taken to address the issue of vulgar dances and the propagation of nudity under the guise of stage dramas.

Following Aamir Mehmood’s directive, the Punjab Department of Interior decided to enforce restrictions on 18 dancers involved in performing explicit movements in stage dramas across the province. Notable among these dancers are Mehak Butt, Komal Choudhry, Qismat Shahzadi, Roshani Khan, Nayab Khan, Sheela Choudhry, Ayan Akhtar, Sonu Butt, Nida Choudhry, Khushboo Khan, Kajal Choudhry, Sarah Khan, Tabassum Khan, Mah Noor, Gia Butt, Hira Dogar, Wafa Ali, and Laiba Jatti.

As a result of the growing concerns over these explicit performances, the Punjab government has escalated its response. All theaters in Lahore Division have been sealed under a strict lockdown in an effort to address the issue at its core. The responsibility of monitoring theaters and stage dramas has been handed over to the Arts Council.

Aamir Mehmood, the responsible Information Minister, has expressed that any theater found to be promoting obscenity, indecency, or nudity will be sealed immediately. Moreover, producers will be blacklisted, and the dancers involved will face strict bans.

Aamir Mehmood also indicated that theater owners themselves might be involved in promoting such explicit performances, thereby exacerbating the issue. This crackdown underscores the government’s determination to maintain cultural and moral standards within the entertainment industry, safeguarding public decency and traditional values.

The move has ignited discussions about the boundary between artistic expression and societal norms, and it remains to be seen how this crackdown will influence the cultural landscape of Lahore and beyond. The government’s actions raise questions about the regulation of the arts, freedom of expression, and the balance between cultural heritage and evolving social attitudes.