Was Virat Kohli’s first love Tamanna Bhatia?

The resurgence of an old interview of actress Tamanna Bhatia has recently gone viral, in which she cast doubt on Virat Kohli’s affection. The superstar cricketer Virat Kohli was commonly believed to have had a romantic interest in Tamanna Bhatia before his relationship with Anushka Sharma.

Around 11 years ago, Tamanna Bhatia and Virat Kohli appeared together in an advertisement, sparking rumors of a possible romantic involvement. However, during this time, in a previous interview, Tamanna Bhatia had refuted all these speculations.

In her 2018 interview, the actress stated that people have misconceptions. She believed that they had merely uttered a few words in the advertisement and nothing more than that happened between them. She further elaborated that after the advertisement, she had not spoken to Virat Kohli again.

When asked about Virat Kohli’s acting abilities, Tamanna Bhatia commented that she would like to stress that she has worked with many people who are better than him in terms of acting skills.

Regarding the images of Anushka and Virat’s wedding, when questioned, Tamanna responded that they were wonderful; both looked exceptionally beautiful, and she conveyed her congratulations to the newlyweds.

This resurfaced interview sheds light on the nature of celebrity rumors and how public perceptions can be shaped by even minor interactions. Tamanna Bhatia’s clarification emphasizes the importance of not jumping to conclusions based on limited information. Additionally, her gracious response to the news of Virat and Anushka’s wedding showcases her maturity and respect for her fellow colleagues.

In the world of celebrity gossip, this incident serves as a reminder that what the public sees may not always reflect reality. Misinterpretations and assumptions can easily spiral out of control, and it’s essential to rely on verified information rather than relying solely on speculation.