Election Commission Mandates Notification of Results within 14 Days of Polling

According to the Election Rules of the Election Act 2017, the Election Commission is bound to issue a notification of successful completion of polling within 14 days of the announcement of the final results on Form 49.

The Election Commission is required to announce the final results of the general elections by February 22nd. After the notification, unsuccessful independent candidates will have from February 22nd to February 25th to join any political party, giving them a three-day window to become part of a political party.

The President of the country will request a session of the National Assembly on February 21st, the 21st day after the election date, for the oath-taking ceremony.

If the President desires, they can call a meeting before the completion of the entire process of the Election Commission, based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs.

This procedural timeline, as outlined by the Election Act 2017, ensures the timely and orderly conduct of elections, allowing for the swift formation of the government and the commencement of parliamentary proceedings. The requirement for the Election Commission to notify the results within 14 days of polling underscores the importance of transparency and efficiency in the electoral process.

Furthermore, the provision allowing unsuccessful independent candidates a brief period to join political parties reflects the commitment to political inclusivity and the formation of representative government. The President’s role in convening the National Assembly session highlights the ceremonial aspect of the transition of power and the adherence to constitutional protocols.

Overall, these regulations ensure the smooth functioning of the democratic process, facilitating the transition from electioneering to governance and reinforcing the principles of accountability and legitimacy in the electoral system.