PPP Leader Faisal Kareem Kundi Advocates Bilawal Bhutto as Prime Minister

During an interview on Geo Pakistan, Faisal Kareem Kundi, a prominent leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), asserted that no government could be formed without their party’s participation, emphasizing the party’s desire for Bilawal Bhutto to become Prime Minister.

Kundi reiterated the stance of the PPP leadership, stating that Bilawal Bhutto is the party’s candidate for the premiership, as the party is unwilling to support any government formation without its involvement. While acknowledging the numerical advantage of PTI-supported independent candidates, Kundi clarified that none of them are in a position to form a government.

He disclosed that an important meeting of the party is scheduled for this evening, during which suggestions will be presented, but personally, he believes that it is better for Bilawal Bhutto to lead the opposition if he does not become Prime Minister.

Highlighting the challenges faced by democratic governments, Kundi expressed concerns about the possibility of another PTI-led government, citing past experiences of governance shortcomings. He emphasized that even if the PPP were to return to power, he does not believe it could function effectively, given the current socio-economic and security challenges. Kundi also acknowledged that the next government would inherit a plethora of issues without a clear majority.

Furthermore, Kundi speculated on the potential scenario wherein the PPP could extend support to a PML-N Prime Minister and sit in the opposition. He stressed the party’s capability to serve as a constructive opposition, irrespective of holding the position of opposition leader.

Kundi concluded by underscoring the dire economic and security situation in the country, foreseeing significant challenges ahead for the next government. He pointed out that the upcoming government would likely lack a clear majority, further complicating the governance landscape.

In essence, Kundi’s statements reflect the PPP’s strategic positioning in the political arena, advocating for Bilawal Bhutto as Prime Minister while also preparing for the role of a potent opposition force in the eventuality of not forming the government.