Nawaz Sharif has said that if PDM had not saved the country from default, petrol would have been Rs 1,000 per liter today

Former Prime Minister and leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Nawaz Sharif, has stated that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) saved the country from default. He emphasized that had it not been for their political sacrifice, the price of petrol in Pakistan would be 1,000 rupees per liter today.

Addressing the party’s consultative meeting via a video link, Nawaz Sharif drew an analogy, comparing their efforts to save the nation from default to rescuing an injured person on the road. He argued that just as one should save an injured person on the road, they saved the country from default.

He highlighted that those who steer the country away from load shedding end up sending prime ministers with a strong electoral mandate home. Nawaz Sharif implied that the establishment, including General Pervez Musharraf and General Raheel Sharif, had a role in orchestrating such actions.

Nawaz Sharif also revealed that figures like Saqib Nisar and Asif Saeed Khosa played significant roles in the judicial decisions that led to his disqualification. He hinted that these individuals might face accountability for their actions, suggesting that justice would prevail.

He emphasized that they have no desire for revenge or retaliation, but not holding those who have harmed the nation accountable would be a great injustice. Nawaz Sharif stated that they have made sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan’s well-being.

Nawaz Sharif expressed hope that they would succeed in the upcoming elections, putting their trust in Allah for success. He reiterated that, as in the past, they have left the matter in Allah’s hands and believe that their efforts will yield positive results.

Furthermore, he condemned those who have tarnished the country’s reputation, urging them to fear Allah. He questioned where those who had spoken in the name of God during previous times had disappeared to and emphasized that Pakistan would witness accountability for those who have caused harm.

Nawaz Sharif’s speech reflects the ongoing political dynamics in Pakistan, with the PML-N expressing its determination to contest elections and hold those they believe responsible for political injustices accountable. It remains to be seen how these political developments will unfold in the coming months.