Pakistani Celebrities Encourage Voter Turnout Ahead of General Elections

Polling for the 12th General Elections of 2024 has commenced across the country, with voting taking place continuously from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM without any breaks, accompanied by special security arrangements. While the public is enthusiastic about participating in the democratic process, celebrities from the entertainment industry are also using social media platforms to urge citizens to cast their votes. Some actors have even temporarily paused their work commitments to travel to their hometowns and vote for their preferred candidates.

In line with this trend, renowned actor Imran Abbas recently shared a video on his Instagram account to encourage voter turnout. In the video, Abbas can be seen driving a car while visibly enjoying himself. The background music playing in the car is the song “Desh Mere” from the Bollywood film “Bhuj: The Pride of India.”

Imran Abbas’s choice of song holds significance as it is sung by Indian playback singer Arijit Singh. By singing along to this song, Abbas not only expresses his fondness for the track but also symbolically showcases his love and admiration for Pakistan. His gesture serves as a subtle reminder of the cultural ties between Pakistan and India, despite political tensions.

In his video message, Abbas also informs his followers that he is heading to Islamabad to cast his vote in the general elections. By sharing his voting plans on social media, Abbas sets an example for his fans and emphasizes the importance of civic duty and participation in the electoral process.

The involvement of celebrities in promoting voter engagement adds a new dimension to the electoral discourse, reaching a wider audience and potentially influencing voter behavior. Their advocacy for voting serves to inspire citizens to exercise their democratic right and contribute to shaping the future of the country through the electoral process.

As polling continues throughout the day, the active participation of both the public and celebrities underscores the significance of democracy and the collective responsibility of citizens to participate in the electoral process.