China Expresses Support for Smooth, Stable, and Secure Elections in Pakistan

China has reiterated its support for the smooth, stable, and secure conduct of elections in Pakistan, emphasizing that elections are an internal matter for Pakistan. A spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that China considers Pakistan as a strategic partner and a steadfast friend throughout all seasons.

Expressing deep concern over the recent incidents of violence in Pakistan, the Chinese spokesperson strongly condemned the attacks, expressing sorrow over the loss of life and injuries caused. The spokesperson conveyed solidarity with the victims and their families, underscoring China’s empathy towards the affected individuals.

Furthermore, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized its condemnation of all forms of terrorism, affirming China’s commitment to the eradication of terrorism and the protection of society. China stands in support of the efforts made by the Pakistani government and people in combating terrorism, ensuring societal security, and safeguarding peace.

Highlighting the strategic partnership and profound friendship between China and Pakistan, the spokesperson expressed optimism that Pakistan’s elections would be conducted smoothly, securely, and in a stable manner. China looks forward to the successful completion of the electoral process in Pakistan, contributing to the country’s democratic development and stability.

China’s reaffirmation of support for Pakistan’s electoral process underscores the strong bilateral ties and mutual cooperation between the two nations. As Pakistan navigates through its electoral journey, China stands as a steadfast ally, advocating for peace, stability, and prosperity in the region.

China’s message reflects its commitment to supporting Pakistan’s democratic processes while condemning any acts of violence or terrorism that may disrupt the electoral process. The Chinese government’s stance underscores the importance of maintaining stability and security in Pakistan, promoting regional peace and cooperation.