Chief Election Commissioner will announce the election schedule by limiting the constituency period

Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja has announced a limited timeframe for the delimitation process and the subsequent declaration of the election schedule. Provincial governments are hesitant about conducting municipal elections, citing concerns over the election campaign expenses and monitoring of expenditures. To address this, comprehensive arrangements have been made for monitoring the election campaign and expenses.

Provincial governments, reluctant to hold municipal elections, tend to amend the law once the election arrangements are in place. In light of this, the Chief Election Commissioner has decided to restrict the delimitation period and proceed with announcing the election schedule. The Election Commission convened a consultative meeting with delegations from two major parties to discuss the matter.

Sikander Sultan Raja’s decision aims to balance the need for timely elections with the concerns raised by provincial governments regarding campaign expenses and expenditure oversight. By limiting the delimitation period, the Election Commission intends to streamline the process and expedite the announcement of the election schedule. This move reflects a proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the reluctance of provincial governments to hold municipal elections.

The consultative meeting with representatives from key political parties showcases the Election Commission’s commitment to inclusivity and collaborative decision-making. This dialogue-driven approach is geared towards ensuring that all stakeholders’ perspectives are taken into account, contributing to a more transparent and participatory electoral process.

Chief Election Commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja’s decision to curtail the delimitation period and proceed with announcing the election schedule underscores the Election Commission’s determination to navigate the complexities surrounding municipal elections. While provincial governments express reservations, the Election Commission’s efforts to monitor campaign expenditures and foster consultation demonstrate a proactive stance towards upholding the democratic process.