Shahid Afridi Optimistic About PSL Impact on T20 World Cup and Leadership of Shaheen Shah Afridi

In a media interaction at the National Stadium, star cricketer Shahid Afridi shared his thoughts on the upcoming T20 World Cup, emphasizing the positive impact of a successful Pakistan Super League (PSL) on the national team’s performance. Afridi believes that a strong performance in the T20 World Cup is directly linked to the quality of the PSL, expressing optimism about the league’s future before the global cricketing event.

Afridi, who captains Lahore Qalandars in the PSL, spoke highly of the league’s significance. According to him, participating in the PSL offers players invaluable experience and exposure, enhancing their skills and temperament. The seasoned cricketer commended Shaheen Shah Afridi’s captaincy, stating that while Shaheen is already a commendable fighter on the field, proving himself as an excellent captain will require time and consistent performance.

Reflecting on the ever-evolving structure of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Afridi stressed that despite changes at the administrative level, players should prioritize representing their country. He underscored the importance of playing for Pakistan, highlighting that while administrative dynamics may shift, the commitment to national duty should remain unwavering.

Regarding his availability to bowl in the initial matches of the T20 series against New Zealand, Afridi expressed his readiness. However, the opportunity did not present itself during the early matches. Afridi’s keenness to contribute to the team’s bowling performance reflects his determination to play a pivotal role in international fixtures.

Discussing his representation of Multan Sultans in the PSL, Afridi emphasized that each player bears the responsibility to showcase their performance. Irrespective of playing for a team owned by one’s father, Afridi stressed the significance of consistent performances, as lackluster displays might lead to exclusion rather than favoritism.

Afridi extended his encouragement to Asad Shafiq, expressing regret over the latter’s omission from the playing XI during heated moments of the PSL matches. Afridi acknowledged the challenges of playing in intense conditions but emphasized that players like Azam Khan and Saud Shakeel needed time to evolve.

Afridi maintained that the majority of Pakistani players in the PSL are relatively new and less experienced on the international stage. He highlighted the diverse composition of global teams that often feature experienced players. Afridi’s insights underscore the importance of nurturing and investing time in emerging talents like Azam Khan and Saud Shakeel to shape them into future cricketing stars.