Pakistan Cricket Team Director Muhammad Hafeez Addresses Challenges and Way Forward in Australia Series

In a press conference held in Sydney, Muhammad Hafeez, the Director of the Pakistan Cricket Team, discussed the team’s performance in the ongoing Test series in Australia. While acknowledging Pakistan’s commendable cricket in the series, Hafeez highlighted moments that could not be capitalized on, leading to setbacks such as the dropped catches in the Melbourne Test that contributed to the team’s defeat. He emphasized the need to rectify mistakes and enhance performance.

Hafeez indicated that he would propose to the International Cricket Council (ICC) the implementation of a standardized test fee for all cricket boards. He argued that all Test-playing cricketers should receive an equal fee, regardless of their country of origin. This recommendation aims to establish equity and fairness in compensation, ensuring that players globally receive a standard test fee.

Regarding Babar Azam, Hafeez suggested providing him with some relief and comfort. Hafeez expressed willingness to support Babar if he feels the need for assistance and emphasized the importance of understanding Babar’s desires before offering help. He stressed the need for Babar to reflect on what he wants and assured that the team is available to support him in any way he deems fit.

Hafeez commented on Babar Azam’s workload management, mentioning that Babar has been given some rest due to workload concerns. Hafeez clarified that they do not want Babar to face any injuries due to excessive workload, especially after a period of intense cricketing activities. He emphasized that they are cautious about Babar’s workload to prevent any harm to his career.

Speaking about Shahin Afridi, Hafeez disclosed that Shahin approached him and requested some respite. Considering the workload Shahin had endured, especially after his return following an injury, the management decided to give him a break. Hafeez clarified that this decision was not influenced by the upcoming T20 series and was made to ensure Shahin’s well-being, emphasizing the team’s commitment to avoiding injuries that could hamper a player’s career.

In addition, Hafeez highlighted the importance of addressing technical aspects with players, suggesting that Babar Azam is a hardworking individual engaged in rigorous training. However, he noted that a significant innings could rebuild Babar’s confidence and make a substantialHafeez affirmed that discussions were held with Shoaib Akhtar, who requested rest due to his workload, and the team is considerate about players’ physical and mental well-being. The ongoing T20 series in Australia will serve as a platform for players to regain form and confidence, and the management is focused on providing the necessary support