Election Commission Warns Against Spread of False Information on Social Media Regarding Postal Ballot Papers

The Election Commission has issued a statement cautioning the public about the dissemination of inaccurate and baseless information related to postal ballot papers on social media platforms. The Commission’s spokesperson highlighted that false news is circulating, particularly concerning the numbers of postal ballot papers attributed to specific candidates, describing it as misleading propaganda.

According to the spokesperson, during the official counting of votes, returning officers manage the postal ballot papers in the presence of election agents. These postal ballot papers are subsequently included in the final results. The spokesperson emphasized that spreading misleading information about the count of postal ballot papers is deceptive and intended to create confusion among the public.

The warning from the Election Commission comes as social media platforms witness a surge in posts and claims regarding the alleged manipulation of postal ballot papers. There have been instances where the numbers of postal ballots assigned to particular candidates have been incorrectly stated, adding to the atmosphere of misinformation.

It is important to note that the official counting process involves transparency, with authorized election agents present to verify the counting of postal ballot papers. Any claims or posts suggesting irregularities in this process are misleading and should be treated with caution.

The spokesperson urged the public not to pay attention to such false news and emphasized the importance of relying on official announcements from the Election Commission. In an era where information can quickly spread on social media, it becomes crucial for citizens to verify the accuracy of news before believing and sharing it.

Furthermore, an example circulating on social media, claiming to represent the postal ballot results of Central Jail DI Khan, has been debunked by authorities. The Commission encourages the public to verify information through reliable sources and refrain from contributing to the dissemination of unverified and misleading content.

As the election season progresses, maintaining the integrity of information is crucial for fostering a transparent and fair democratic process. The Election Commission’s warning serves as a reminder to the public to exercise vigilance and seek information from credible sources to ensure an informed and reliable electoral discourse.