Ali Zafar to Sing Official Anthem for Pakistan Super League’s Ninth Season

In an exciting development, Ali Zafar, the versatile Pakistani singer and actor, is set to lend his vocals to the official anthem of the ninth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The confirmation came through Ali Zafar’s verified social media accounts, including Instagram, where he shared a brief video showcasing him playing the piano while preparing for the anthem.

The Instagram video from the PSL account features Ali Zafar passionately playing a melody on the piano, accompanied by the caption, “The beat is set, Ali Zafar is ready in his magical style for the anthem of PSL’s ninth season.” This announcement has sparked enthusiasm among fans, who eagerly await the official anthem that has become a tradition associated with each PSL season.

The news quickly circulated on social media, prompting fans to express their excitement and anticipation for Ali Zafar’s return and his rendition of the PSL anthem. Supporters have been vocal about their anticipation, expressing how they have been looking forward to Ali Zafar’s return and his unique touch to the PSL anthem.

In a parallel development, Pakistani vocalist Aima Baig is also confirmed to sing a song for the upcoming PSL season. Aima Baig hinted at her involvement in this season through her recent Instagram stories, adding to the anticipation surrounding the musical offerings for PSL’s ninth edition.

It is worth noting that Ali Zafar, who had previously sung the anthems for the first three seasons of PSL, faced a setback in 2018 when he was embroiled in controversy with fellow singer Meesha Shafi, who accused him of harassment. This controversy led to a hiatus in Ali Zafar’s career, and he was not selected for PSL anthems for the next five seasons.

Ali Zafar’s return to sing the anthem for PSL’s ninth season marks a significant comeback, and fans are eager to witness the musical magic he will bring to the cricket league’s signature tune. The combination of Ali Zafar and Aima Baig promises an electrifying musical experience for PSL enthusiasts as the tournament gears up for another thrilling season.