Anti-terrorism court grants bail to Sanam Javed and Muhammad Tanveer in muslim league house arson case.

In the Muslim League House arson case, an anti-terrorism court in Lahore granted bail to Sanam Javed and Muhammad Tanveer on Monday. The reserved judgment for post-arrest bail was announced by the anti-terrorism court judge, Arshad Javed Chaddhar.

During the hearing, the counsel for Sanam Javed argued that his client was implicated in the case after a six-month period. Deputy prosecutor Abdul Jabbar Dogar opposed the bail plea, asserting that the accused had incited the public to commit arson and violence. Despite the prosecution’s opposition, the ATC court accepted the post-arrest bail plea for both Sanam Javed and Muhammad Tanveer.

The case, registered by Model Town police, accuses PTI activist Sanam Javed of setting fire to the Muslim League House office.