Pneumonia claims lives in punjab, health experts link cases to winter smog.

Over the past 24 hours, seven more children have succumbed to pneumonia in Punjab, where a total of 942 new pneumonia cases were reported, with Lahore confirming 212 new patients, as per the Punjab Health Department. In the current month alone, Punjab has recorded 244 pneumonia-related deaths, with Lahore contributing 50 fatalities.

Health experts attribute the alarming rise in pneumonia cases and deaths in Punjab to winter smog-induced pollution. They emphasize that the prevalent smog during the winter months significantly contributes to the surge in pneumonia cases.

Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs, often triggered by viruses and can develop following cold or flu symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. Children aged five or younger are typically more susceptible to pneumonia.

Health authorities in Punjab are actively addressing the surge in pneumonia cases, underscoring the importance of public awareness and preventive measures to mitigate the impact of the disease.