CDA seals car showrooms in Islamabad

CDA bans showrooms

In a significant move, the Building Control wing of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) took action on a Tuesday, sealing off 28 car showrooms scattered across sectors F-10, F-11, and the bustling Blue Area in Islamabad.

This operation, while aimed at enforcing regulations, faced opposition from the city’s trading community. The CDA, undeterred, declared these car showrooms as illegal establishments and took action accordingly.

At the heart of this crackdown is the endeavor to ensure adherence to property usage guidelines, especially concerning car showrooms. Building and shop owners received notices through advertisements, cautioning them against permitting their properties to be used for non-conforming purposes. In particular, car showrooms were in the spotlight.

The outcome of this operation was the sealing of 117 properties across Islamabad where car showrooms had been operating without proper authorization. These showrooms not only occupied precious parking space in various markets but also created issues for pedestrians trying to navigate the city’s streets.

This move by the CDA sends a clear message: regulatory compliance is paramount, and unauthorized use of properties, especially for purposes like car showrooms, will not be tolerated. Such measures are essential for maintaining order and ensuring the smooth functioning of the city, ultimately benefiting both residents and businesses alike. As this situation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how it impacts the landscape of car sales and businesses in Islamabad