Balochistan Government Ensures Robust Security Measures for Upcoming Elections

Zubair Jamali, the Interior Minister of Balochistan, has affirmed the commitment of the provincial government towards conducting transparent, free, and fair elections, dispelling any possibilities of untoward incidents during the forthcoming general elections. Addressing the media, Jamali outlined the effective security measures being put in place to ensure peaceful polling across all constituencies in Balochistan.

The Balochistan government, in its endeavor to guarantee secure elections, has devised practical strategies. Polling stations across the province have been categorized into three tiers based on security considerations. Out of a total of 5067 polling stations, 2055 are marked as highly sensitive, 2280 as sensitive, and 832 as normal. This strategic categorization aims to tailor security arrangements according to the perceived risk level at each location.

Minister Jamali further shared that urban areas will witness the deployment of police personnel, while Levies Force, a paramilitary force, will be stationed in rural regions. The meticulous distribution of security forces aims to address the unique dynamics of both urban and rural polling stations.

Elaborating on the security arrangements, Jamali revealed that High Alert status has been assigned to certain polling stations, warranting the presence of special forces. To facilitate this, Frontier Corps (FC) and Regular Army units have been assigned for immediate deployment in collaboration with the local authorities.

Acknowledging the potential challenges, the Interior Minister assured that the paramilitary force, Levies, and police will collaborate seamlessly to manage security affairs. He emphasized that the deployment of paramilitary and regular army units in selected polling stations is a proactive measure to tackle any emergent security concerns effectively.

Zubair Jamali concluded by affirming the government’s commitment to providing equal security measures to all participating candidates. Any candidates with specific security concerns are encouraged to communicate with the Interior Ministry, and the government is prepared to furnish comprehensive security arrangements to address their apprehensions. As Balochistan approaches the upcoming elections, these security measures underscore the importance of fostering a secure and conducive environment for the democratic process. The government’s dedication to transparency and security signifies a crucial step towards ensuring the integrity of the electoral process in the province.