The opposition and the government decided on the CM, Murtisa Wahab, in a constitutional manner

The spokesperson of the Sindh government, Murtaza Wahab, announced that the opposition and the government in the Sindh province of Pakistan have come to a constitutional agreement regarding the appointment of a caretaker chief minister. Following the consensus on the selection of the caretaker chief minister, a media briefing was held outside the chief minister’s residence. During this briefing, Murtaza Wahab, Nasir Shah, and Mukesh Chawla, key figures from the Sindh government, addressed the media. The spokesperson of the Sindh government, Murtaza Wahab, says that the opposition and the government in the province of Sindh have decided on a caretaker chief minister in a constitutional manner. After the agreement on the name of the caretaker chief minister of Sindh, outside the chief minister’s house, Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab, Nasir Shah and Mukesh Chawla spoke to the media.

Murtaza Wahab emphasized that the decision to appoint a caretaker chief minister had been reached through a constitutional process. He revealed that Rana Ansar and Murad Ali Shah, representing the government and the opposition respectively, had deliberated over various candidates before ultimately settling on the name of Maqbool Baqir.

Wahab further disclosed that both the Sindh Chief Minister and the Sindh Opposition Leader had dispatched their official letters to the Sindh Governor, formalizing their selection of Maqbool Baqir as the new caretaker chief minister. He added that the incoming caretaker chief minister would determine the timing of the oath-taking ceremony.

The Mayor of Karachi expressed optimism regarding the forthcoming elections, expecting them to be conducted transparently and in accordance with the constitution. He highlighted that the election commission would carry out constituency delimitation based on the latest census data.

During the media interaction, Nasir Shah drew attention to a tragic incident in Sukkur where a senior journalist lost their life. He informed that Bilawal Bhutto, the Chief Minister of Sindh, had taken note of the incident and announced a financial aid of one crore rupees for the bereaved family.

In summary, the spokesperson of the Sindh government, Murtaza Wahab, conveyed the news of a constitutional consensus between the opposition and the government in Sindh to appoint a caretaker chief minister. The chosen candidate, Maqbool Baqir, was finalized after careful consideration. Both the Chief Minister and the Opposition Leader had notified the Sindh Governor about their decision. The media briefing also highlighted expectations of transparent elections and proper constituency delineation. Additionally, condolences were expressed for the loss of a journalist’s life, with the Chief Minister offering financial assistance to the grieving family.