PTI Candidate Salman Akram Raja Takes Oath on Quran to Pledge Loyalty

Salman Akram Raja, a candidate from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has taken a significant step to solidify his commitment to the party by publicly swearing an oath on the Holy Quran. During a discussion on Geo News’ program “Capital Talk,” Raja clarified the reasons behind his symbolic gesture, aiming to address the concerns of voters regarding potential post-election shifts in allegiance.

In the conversation, Salman Akram Raja expressed that constituents often inquire about whether elected representatives succumb to pressure or allurements to switch to other political parties after winning independently. To reassure the public and emphasize his unwavering loyalty to PTI, he decided to take an oath on the Quran, a sacred commitment in his view.

Raja stated that the demand for taking an oath arises from the public’s concerns and skepticism regarding the possibility of elected representatives aligning with different political factions post-election. The act of swearing on the Quran serves as a solemn vow, pledging allegiance to PTI and rejecting any future engagements with rival political entities.

Emphasizing the importance of remaining loyal to the party and its founder, Salman Akram Raja underlined that he would adhere to the principles of PTI and continue to be a devoted member. He declared his commitment to represent PTI in the parliamentary arena, serving as a member of the party in the parliament, and categorically ruled out the possibility of betraying PTI or its founder.

Salman Akram Raja’s public oath-taking ceremony has added a unique dimension to the ongoing electoral landscape. The symbolic act is an attempt to address concerns surrounding political defections and to assure voters that elected representatives will stay true to the party they were initially associated with.

As Pakistan approaches the national elections scheduled for February 8th, Salman Akram Raja’s gesture underscores the significance of party loyalty and the impact it can have on the dynamics of the political landscape. The public will closely watch such symbolic acts and declarations as they assess the credibility and commitment of political candidates vying for their votes.