PML-N Senator Ishaq Dar Clarifies Ticket Distribution Process for Upcoming Elections

Senator Ishaq Dar of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has addressed concerns related to the distribution of party tickets for the upcoming elections, asserting that there is no issue in the allocation process. He emphasized that the candidate finalized by the party will be the one contesting the elections, while other contenders will withdraw their nomination papers.

In his statement, Ishaq Dar disclosed that the finalization of tickets will be completed well before January 12, providing ample time for the chosen candidates to prepare for the electoral race. This clarification aims to dispel any uncertainties surrounding the internal dynamics of PML-N’s candidate selection process.

Regarding seat adjustments, Senator Dar highlighted that the seat adjustment process would be limited in scope. While acknowledging positive relations with Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, he emphasized that respect is one aspect, and elections are another. This distinction suggests that while there might be goodwill between parties, electoral considerations remain paramount.

The Senator further mentioned the unique scenario in Lahore, where PML-N’s candidates for National Assembly seats in NA-117, NA-120, NA-119, and NA-121 are yet to be decided. Notably, Maryam Nawaz has submitted nomination papers for NA-119 and NA-120, hinting at her potential candidacy in these constituencies. The final decision for these crucial seats is awaited.

In Lahore’s National Assembly constituencies, PML-N candidates for NA-118, NA-120, NA-119, and NA-121 are yet to be finalized. While Maryam Nawaz has collected nomination papers for NA-119 and NA-120, the likelihood of her contesting from NA-119 seems higher. For the remaining ten constituencies, Hamza Shehbaz, Saad Rafique, Shehbaz Sharif, Rana Mubashir, and Saif Khokhar are expected to be the contenders for NA-118, NA-120, NA-121, NA-124, and NA-125, respectively.

Additionally, constituencies NA-126 through NA-130 will witness the active participation of Afnan Khokhar, Ata Tarar, Hafeez Nauman, Mehr Iqtidar, and Nawaz Sharif, respectively.

Senator Ishaq Dar’s remarks provide clarity on the PML-N’s internal processes, indicating a proactive approach to ensure a smooth and organized participation in the upcoming elections. The decisions made in Lahore, a political stronghold, will significantly influence the party’s performance in the broader electoral landscape.