Pakistan Cricket Team Director Mohammad Hafeez Violates Travel Rules, Faces Self-Imposed Discipline

Pakistan Cricket Team’s Director, Mohammad Hafeez, found himself in an unusual situation as he broke travel rules, leading to self-imposed disciplinary actions. According to reports, while traveling from Melbourne to Sydney, Hafeez and his wife boarded a flight mistakenly and later had to catch another flight to reach their intended destination.

Hafeez was supposed to travel with the Pakistan team to Sydney. However, reports suggest that he and his wife were on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney, and a few hours later, they reached Sydney on a different flight. The incident occurred during a tour where Hafeez was accompanying the team.

It is reported that Hafeez and his wife had seats on the same flight as the Pakistan team. Still, due to a delay in reaching Melbourne Airport, they were unable to board the plane on time, and the doors were closed by the airline staff. As a result, Hafeez and his wife were not allowed to board the flight, and they had to wait for another one.

Despite Hafeez facing disciplinary actions recently for code of conduct violations by the players, this time, the team management has maintained silence regarding the self-imposed discipline by the director himself. Hafeez had announced penalties for players breaching the code of conduct earlier, but in this case, the team management has opted not to comment on Hafeez’s violation of travel rules.

Sources mention that Hafeez and his wife were present at the airport but could not make it on time. The airline staff did not permit them to board the plane, and due to the delay, the doors were closed. Following this, Mohammad Hafeez and his wife traveled to Sydney on another flight.

This incident adds a unique twist to the ongoing discussion about discipline within the Pakistan Cricket Team. While Hafeez has been vocal about maintaining a strict code of conduct for players, this unexpected turn of events puts him in the spotlight as he faces the consequences of not adhering to travel protocols.