Turkish competition authority fines google for hotel search practices.

The Turkish Competition Authority announced on Monday that it has imposed a fine of approximately 482 million lira ($14.85 million) on Google (GOOGL.O) for its failure to meet obligations regarding hotel searches.

Breach of Fair Competition Concerns

The authority stated that the fine was levied due to Google’s inability to resolve the competition board’s concerns regarding fair competition with local search engines. Specifically, Google’s practices in hotel searches were deemed to be in breach of fair competition standards.

Ongoing Regulatory Scrutiny

Google has faced increasing regulatory scrutiny worldwide, particularly regarding its dominance in online search and advertising markets. This latest fine from the Turkish Competition Authority adds to the company’s ongoing challenges in navigating regulatory environments across different regions.

Impact of the Fine

The imposed fine of 482 million lira underscores the Turkish authorities’ commitment to enforcing competition regulations and ensuring a level playing field for all market participants. Additionally, it serves as a reminder to multinational tech companies of the importance of complying with local laws and regulations in the countries where they operate.

Google’s Response

As of now, Google has not issued a public response to the fine imposed by the Turkish Competition Authority. However, it is expected that the company will carefully evaluate the authority’s decision and consider its options for potential recourse or compliance measures.


The Turkish Competition Authority’s decision to fine Google reflects ongoing efforts to promote fair competition and consumer protection in the digital market landscape. As regulatory scrutiny of tech giants intensifies globally, companies like Google will need to proactively address concerns raised by competition authorities to mitigate legal risks and maintain their market positions.