Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister Announces Solidarity Measures with Palestinian Cause on New Year

In a demonstration of unwavering solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians, Pakistan’s Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwar ul Haq Kakar, has declared a restriction on all kinds of celebrations and festivities related to the arrival of the New Year. Kakar’s decision aims to channel the nation’s attention towards the ongoing plight of the Palestinian people.

Addressing the nation, Kakar emphasized that the Israeli occupying forces are causing devastation in Palestine, and the entire Pakistani nation, along with the Muslim Ummah, mourns the profound sorrow over the widespread killing of innocent Palestinians, especially the tragic loss of children’s lives.

He reiterated that Pakistan has raised its voice on all international forums in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and will continue to do so in the future. The Caretaker Prime Minister highlighted that Pakistan has dispatched two relief consignments to aid its Palestinian brothers and sisters, and a third consignment is set to depart soon.

Kakar stated that Pakistan is in continuous contact with Egypt and Jordan to ensure prompt assistance for the treatment and medical care of the wounded in Gaza. He further announced that there would be no New Year celebrations dedicated to expressing unity with the Palestinians, emphasizing that Pakistan stands united with the people of Palestine.

Furthermore, he made it clear that the New Year would not witness typical festivities, and instead, the nation will express its unity with the Palestinians. Kakar urged the public to mark the arrival of the New Year by demonstrating solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza.

The Caretaker Prime Minister’s announcement reflects Pakistan’s commitment to providing tangible support to the Palestinian cause, not just through diplomatic channels but also by sending practical assistance to those affected. This move underscores the nation’s determination to prioritize humanitarian concerns over celebratory events and signals a poignant message of solidarity with those facing adversity in the global community.