Election Tribunal Seeks Form 45 Upload Timing Record in NA 47 Rigging Case

The Election Tribunal has requested the Election Commission to provide the record of the timing of the uploading of Form 45 in connection with the rigging case related to NA 47. This request was made during the hearing of an appeal where concerns about the election process were raised.

Tribunal’s Inquiry

During the proceedings, Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri inquired whether the Presiding Officer had uploaded Form 45 directly into the Election Management System (EMS) or sent a picture of the form via WhatsApp. The Additional Director of the Election Commission clarified that the Presiding Officer had personally delivered Form 45 to the Returning Officer (RO).

PTI-backed Candidate’s Concerns

Shoaib Shaheen, the PTI-backed candidate, emphasized the importance of transparency and requested the tribunal to reveal the exact time when the RO uploaded the result. He asserted that the Election Commission should act as an impartial institution and not as a party in the case.

Tribunal’s Direction

Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri addressed the lawyer representing the Election Commission, questioning why the record of the timing was not being disclosed. He pointed out that since the RO is not a party to the case, there should be no issue in providing this information.

Following the discussions, the tribunal officially asked the Election Commission to present the record of the timing of the uploading of Form 45. This step is seen as crucial for ensuring transparency and addressing the allegations of rigging in NA 47.


The rigging case related to NA 47 has been a matter of contention, with various parties raising concerns about the integrity of the election process. Form 45, which details the results from polling stations, is a critical document in the election process, and the timing of its upload into the EMS is essential for verifying the legitimacy of the results.

The Election Tribunal’s request aims to shed light on the procedural aspects of the election and ensure that all steps were conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations. The outcome of this inquiry could have significant implications for the credibility of the election results in NA 47.

The Election Tribunal’s decision to seek the timing record of Form 45 upload underscores the importance of transparency in the election process. As the investigation progresses, it remains to be seen how the Election Commission will respond to the tribunal’s request and what impact this will have on the rigging allegations. The case highlights the ongoing challenges in ensuring fair and transparent elections, which are fundamental to the democratic process.