Supreme Judicial Council Dismisses Complaint Against Justice Sardar Tariq Masood

The Supreme Judicial Council has dismissed the complaint against Senior Judge Justice Sardar Tariq Masood, terming it baseless and without merit. The complaint was filed by Amina Malik, and the Council, after careful consideration, has decided to exclude it unanimously. The complainant has been asked to provide clarification on the legal proceedings against Amina Malik, who had publicly tweeted her accusations. Azhar Siddique, Advocate, has been issued notices within seven days to explain the matter further.

The Supreme Judicial Council stated that no substantial evidence has surfaced against Justice Tariq Masood in the complaint filed by Amina Malik. Amina, in response, admitted that her complaint lacked substance after reviewing the documents and chose not to pursue it further.

Justice Tariq Masood had faced allegations from Amina Malik, and the Judicial Council had initiated an inquiry. The Council also examined a complaint against Justice Mazhar Akbar Naqvi. However, the Council found no solid grounds for the allegations against Justice Tariq Masood and asserted that the purpose of Amina Malik’s complaint was to defame him.

In another development, Amina Malik, acknowledging the inaccuracies in her complaint, withdrew it, affirming that her initial claims were false. Justice Tariq Masood responded by stating that Amina’s false and baseless accusations had tarnished his reputation publicly. The Council recommended that the media should disseminate the details of the complaint, the withdrawal, and the injuries inflicted upon Justice Tariq Masood through media channels.

This incident follows the reference filed by Amina Malik against Justice Tariq Masood, alleging misconduct. The Supreme Judicial Council, chaired by Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa, conducted a meeting on Monday, attended by other members, including Justice Ijazul Ahsan, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Justice Muhammad Amir Bhatti, and Chief Justice Balochistan High Court Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan.

Additionally, Amina Malik has requested legal action against Azhar Siddique for conspiring to defame her publicly. She urged that the Council ensures transparency and brings to light both the complaint filed against her and the injuries inflicted upon her due to the media coverage.