Saudi Crown Prince Calls for Halt to Arms Supply to Israel in Virtual BRICS Summit Address

In a virtual address to the BRICS summit, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has called on all nations to cease the provision of arms to Israel. Highlighting the untenable situation in the Gaza Strip, the Crown Prince emphasized that the forced entry of Israel into Palestinian territories is unacceptable, urging the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based on the borders defined in 1667.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman expressed his strong condemnation of the brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza, stressing the urgent need for immediate humanitarian aid to reach the region. He further called upon all countries to prevent Israel from supplying arms to halt the assaults on Gaza.

Addressing the issue of Gaza, the Crown Prince reiterated his call for an immediate cessation of Israeli military operations in the region. He emphasized Saudi Arabia’s commitment to ensuring the safety of Gaza’s civilians from the outset of hostilities.

The Crown Prince urged for a swift resolution to the Palestinian crisis through comprehensive peace negotiations. He underscored the necessity of initiating inclusive peace talks to address the challenges faced by Palestinians, emphasizing that the Gaza Strip must be relieved of the continuous Israeli military interventions.

Furthermore, Chinese President Xi Jinping, also present at the summit, echoed the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The leaders united in their demand for an end to Israeli military actions and stressed the importance of resolving the humanitarian crisis in the region.

In a significant development, negotiations for the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for halting Israeli attacks in Gaza have entered their final stages. This diplomatic effort marks a potential turning point in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The statements from the Saudi Crown Prince and Chinese President Xi Jinping reflect a united front among influential nations, urging an end to the violence in Gaza and pushing for a diplomatic resolution to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As international leaders continue to advocate for peace, the focus remains on fostering stability and addressing the immediate humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.