Inquiry Commission Holds Inaugural Meeting on Faizabad Sit-in, Seeks Records

The Inquiry Commission formed to investigate the Faizabad sit-in has conducted its first formal meeting, chaired by former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Akhtar Shah. The commission has initiated the process by formally requesting all relevant records related to the Faizabad protest.

During the meeting, Additional Secretary Interior, who is a member of the commission, participated along with other members. However, another commission member, former IGP Taher Alam, was unable to attend the session.

According to sources, the Inquiry Commission has made initial requests for all records related to the Faizabad sit-in and has sought an inquiry report from the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) regarding the electronic media coverage during the protest.

The decision to obtain video records from PEMRA indicates the commission’s intent to thoroughly examine the media’s role and coverage during the Faizabad sit-in, which took place in 2017 and was a significant event in Pakistan’s recent history.

Sources suggest that future commission meetings will deliberate on inviting all relevant administrative officers to present their records and statements. The inquiry commission is poised to play a critical role in unraveling the circumstances surrounding the Faizabad sit-in, addressing concerns, and providing recommendations for future governance and public order management.

The Faizabad sit-in, led by a religious group, resulted in widespread disruptions and drew attention to the complex dynamics between religious sentiments, public protests, and the government’s response. The inquiry commission’s thorough examination of records and statements from various stakeholders is anticipated to shed light on the events leading up to and during the sit-in, contributing to transparency and accountability in the aftermath of this significant public protest.